The Evaluation Study of the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund

By July 15, 2019

The Evaluation Study of the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund





  • 評估社創基金的效益
  • 檢討基金支持項目能否達致基金目的
  • 指出基金未來發展的關鍵成功因素和完善方向
  • 就基金如何進一步加強效益提出建議


In Hong Kong, social innovation in recent years has gained momentum rapidly. The HKSAR government played a part of this movement and one of its key initiatives was the launch of the Social Innovation and entrepreneurship Fund (SIE Fund).

Aiming to act as a catalyst for social innovation, the SIE Fund connects the community with different sectors, including businesses, non-government organizations, academics and philanthropies to create social impact through innovative solutions that address poverty and social exclusion. It seeks to establish or support schemes and experiments with a view to attracting, inspiring or nurturing social entrepreneurship to develop innovations that aim at creating social impact and build social capital for supporting poverty relief in Hong Kong” (

Starting from March 2016, the SIE Fund commissioned The University of Hong Kong (HKU) to conduct a longitudinal evaluation study to assess the performance of the Fund in achieving its objectives in terms of financial and non-financial impacts of the Fund overall, of the intermediaries engaged by the Fund as well as the projects and initiatives funded or supported by the Fund.

The research objectives of this evaluation study are to:

  • to assess the impacts of the SIE Fund
  • to appraise the effectiveness of the initiatives of the SIE Fund in achieving its objectives;
  • to identify critical success factors and learning points for the Fund’s future developments;
  • to recommend areas of improvement for managing the SIE Fund.

If you have any enquiries on the evaluation study, please contact Dr. Geoff Chee Hon Chan (

社會創新項目的社會效益評估 (SIA)

社創基金評估研究的其中一環是評估基金「創新計劃」下資助的創新項目所產生的社會效益。研究團隊找出受資助的創新項目的輸出(Output) 和結果 (Outcome),並以社會投資回報率 (SROI) 反映項目效益。有關評估報告的解讀說明,請按此處查閱。如欲了解社會投資回報率的詳細計算方法,請參閱英文版

Social Impact Assessment of the Social Innovative Programs

One part of the evaluation study is to examine the social impact delivered by the Funded social innovative projects funded under the Innovative Programme of the SIE Fund. The research team explored the outputs and outcomes created by the funded social innovative projects, and in addition we reflected the impacts based on a return-on-investment (ROI) approach. For illustration of the methods used for the calculation in our study and explanations of the assessment report, please click here for more details.

Last update : July 15, 2019