Determinants of Poverty and Potential Alleviating Measures

By September 1, 2017

Determinants of Poverty and Potential Interventions to Alleviate Poverty in Hong Kong

Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention of the University of Hong Kong has carried out a three-year study on Determinants of Poverty and Potential Intervention to Alleviate Poverty in Hong Kong from 2014 to 2018. The projected has have a discussion on three approaches:

  • Examining long-term trends in poverty in whole Hong Kong and across communities/districts;
  • Understanding psycho-socio-demographic determinants of poverty through Panel Household Survey;
  • Identifying the barriers/ difficulties of keeping the individuals in poverty nets and its facilitators of leaving the nets.

The project have launched in the Individual and general aspect respectively. Form the general level, it is found that some districts have a more serious poverty problem and their characteristics are significant difference. And then to assess poor’s accessibility to social resources and facilities. And from the individual level, it is important to investigate the changing trend of Poverty in Hong Kong, and the relationship of poverty rate and the household size as well as the determinants of family composition and the influence to next generation such as parent-children relationship, children’s learning and academic performance. Finally, the Challenges have been encountered and Action plan have been introduced.

Photo Credit : Benny Lam

Last update : September 1, 2017