Mentorship Programme for Adolescents

By August 31, 2015

Problem-solving Skills Training and Mentorship Programme for Adolescents

Life is full of challenges for everyone, and this is no exception for Children and adolescents. Stressors rising from school, family, friends and other areas can be challenging for some of them to solve on their own.  On this premise, the CSRP took on two pilot mentorship programs with the main goal of utilizing community resources to enhance problem-solving skills of targeted Primary 4 to 5 and Form 2 to 3 students, who have mild to moderate level of emotional, behavioral or academic difficulties and are from families in need of more social support (e.g., low-income, single-parent, new immigrants, parents with long working hours).

Specific objectives of the project include:
  1. To have trained volunteer mentors provide student mentees training on problem-solving skills;
  2. To strengthen the knowledge and skills acquired by mentees by having them solve a problem of their own with support from their mentors; and
  3. To assess the effectiveness of the programme and develop a good case example of mentorship programme for children’s problem-solving skills.

Two schools participated in the project.  One is in Tin Shui Wai and the other in Sham Shui Po.  Recruited mentors first undergo pre-service training with staff from the CSRP who specialize in psycho-education.  Mentors and mentees then attend 7 training sessions together with the on problem-solving skills, again delivered by the CSRP staff.

  • 5-session pre-service training for volunteer mentors
  • 7-session problem-solving skills training for students
  • 3 group activities as organized by mentors and mentees
  • 3 activities organized by CSRP (HKU, Lamma Island, Disneyland)
  • Closing ceremony
  • Mentors and mentees may have additional meetings during the 9-month mentorship

This project started in 2011 as a pilot and received highly positive response from its participants and their schools and families. The Mentorship Programme is poised for implementation on a wider scale . If you would like to adopt the program at your school or school district, please see details for training here and contact us to get started.

Last update : August 31, 2015