Mental Health For Youth (MAP4U)

By February 8, 2021

Mobile application as an intervention to tackle Youth Suicide in Hong Kong

Background and Objectives

Mental Health of youth and their suicide problems have always been topics explored by the public. In the period of 2014-2018, the number of suicide cases among youth ranging from 15 to 24 years old escalated from 52 cases to 59 cases. We found that within these cases, not a lot of the youth sought help from mental health Professionals, at the same time, their emotional needs have also been neglected by the public as well. This draws our Centre’s attention to initiate various projects with an aim to enhance the mental well-being of youth.

With the support of Keswick Foundation, our Centre has recently developed a mobile application, namely POCKET JELLE. The aim of this mobile application development is to enhance the mental well-being of Youths. Pocket Jelle is a name that was chosen by secondary school students, in which its name is designed with two meaning: (i) “Pocket” implies that the user can conveniently use it all the time as it sits in the user’s pocket 24 hours a day, waiting for the user to use it anytime he/she wants to; (ii) “Jelle”, is the name of the Mascot of MAP4U. It is also our aim that the users are able to learn how to manage their emotions when encounter different challenges in daily life, like Jelle from the application.

The theoretical framework of the development of POCKET JELLE is based on the public health approach. Utilising this approach, we aim to prevent suicide among young people or students. POCKET JELLE includes functions that incorporate all levels of the public health approach to promote well‐being (universal) because it is more effective to raise the awareness of well-being. The app can also assist individuals to identify those who are in distress (selective), to motivate self‐help and make referral for high‐risk individuals (indicated). Any effective measure should be a multilayer approach to engaging the youth at large for suicide prevention.

The Mobile application – POCKET JELLE

The mobile application POCKET JELLE consists of six features that enhance the mental well-being of young people and students. It incorporates mental health knowledge, psychological resources, and entertainment elements with the aim to enhance mental well-being of youngsters. Gaming elements of the mobile application have been embedded in the app so as to make it more fun to use.

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Last update : February 8, 2021